UIN Antasari Banjarmasin Released KKN Students to Malaysia

Monday (11/26/2018), in the meeting room of UIN Antasari Banjarmasin, M. Asy’ari as The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation officially released UIN Antasari Banjarmasin students to go to the Community Service (KKN) to Sarawak, Malaysia.

Deputy Chancellor of the AUPK Field Dr. H. Sukarni, M.Ag., Chief of LP2M Dr. H. Yahya Mof, M.Pd., Secretary of LP2M Drs. Emroni, M.Ag and Chairperson of the Community Service Center Drs. M. Abduh Amrie, MA also attended at the occasion.

The Community Service program is a form of Muslim community development in Sarawak, Malaysia which is followed by various universities in Indonesia such as IAIN Palopo, IAIN Kerinci, IAIN Pontianak, Binus Jakarta and UIN Antasari Banjarmasin.

The UIN Antasari Banjarmasin students who take part in the Community Service program are:

  1. Mia Rusyidawati (FDK)
  2. Indah Zurya (FSY)
  3. Riska Azizah (FSY)
  4. M. Akbar Sani (FTK)
  5. Rizki Maulana (FTK)
  6. Tamara Dita WN (FTK)
  7. Faqih I. R (FTK)
  8. M. Yuliannor Yafi (FUH)

In her speech, Nida Mufidah said that the Community Service to Serawak in the context of fostering Muslim communities was a very noble task. In her opinion, beside being a learning place to train sensitivity, care and responsibility for various situations and conditions faced by the community, it is also a golden opportunity to make the students and UIN Antasari present and provide benefits in the midst of society. Thus, it also needs good attitude to always show morality and blend with society harmoniously.