UIN Antasari Buying Awards at the 6th BUAF

Kontingen UIN Antasari saat memborong penghargaan di BUAF ke-6 (Foto-Humas-Yulida Rifani) - Kompres

The UIN Antasari contingent won the awards at the 6th BUAF (Photo:Humas/Yulida Rifani)

BANJARMASIN – The lively atmosphere of the participants closed The 6th BUAF (Borneo Undergraduate Academic Forum), Wednesday (07/09/2022) ), which was filled with the giving of 57 awards, took place at the Mastur Jahri Auditorium.

As the host, Antasari State Islamic University won 20 awards, both in the category of Best Panel Paper, Best Panel Group Presentation, Best Individual Panel Presentation, Most Contingent, Best Paper Overall Winner, and 2nd place Best Paper of the Best by Muhammad Hafidz Ilmi.

“This forum is very extraordinary and really appreciates undergraduates to be able to develop even better as writers in the future,” said the student of the Islamic Guidance and Extension Study Program (Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Studies) when interviewed by Public Relations on the sidelines of the event.

M. Hafidz Ilmi mendapat penghargaan dari Rektor UIN Antasari sebagai peringkat ke-2 Best of The Best Paper BUAF ke-6 (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
He also had the opportunity to receive an award directly by the Rector of UIN Antasari, Prof. Dr. H. Mujiburrahman, MA (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Rektor UIN Antasari serahkan penghargaan Juara Umum Best Paper kepada Kontingen UINSI Samarinda (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
At the same time, an award was also given for the Best Presentation Overall Winner by the Contingent of UIN Sultan Aji Muhammad Idris Samarinda (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)

Then, awards were also given to the furthest participant from UIN Raden Mas Said Surakarta (Central Java) on behalf of Kiranda Okti Eka Putri.

The Rector was also proud of all the participants who participated, reaching 79 speakers, who also came from IAIN Pontianak and IAIN Palangkaraya.

For this reason he continues to encourage the younger generation to move forward and improve quality through various opportunities.

Rektor UIN Antasari Prof. Dr. H. Mujiburrahman, M.A. saat memberikan sambutan penutup (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
“These are young people who still have wide opportunities to start developing themselves. If you are really interested in the academic world, really, there are lots of benefits that you all get for free. I think it’s part of what we believe in Islam, that people who have knowledge will be glorified by Allah,” explained the Rector while citing Verse 11 of the Quran Surah Al-Muzadallah while giving his closing remarks (Photo: Humas/Hadi Rustami)


Next, the 7th BUAF will be held at IAIN Palangkaraya, which is welcomed with enthusiasm from the contingent from the neighboring province, to continue the success of the event held by UIN Antasari.

Wakil Dekan III FTIK IAIN Palangkaraya Asmawati, M.Pd. saat memberikan sambutan tuan rumah BUAF ke-7 (Foto-Humas-Yulida Rifani)
“We see, from yesterday until today, the committee is very enthusiastic, and we feel the service is very friendly, hopefully we can maintain this later,” said Deputy Dean III of the Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training IAIN Palangkaraya Asmawati, M.Pd., while giving final remarks (Photo:Humas/Yulida Rifani)

As is well known, this forum is held in rotation in all State Islamic Religious Universities in Kalimantan, with the initial idea of ​​a number of figures, including Prof. Dr. H. Mujiburrahman, MA, while still serving as Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Cooperation at IAIN Antasari in 2016.


Para peserta dari berbagai PTKIN membaur di BUAF ke-6 (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
Participants from various PTKIN mingled in the 6th BUAF (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Para mahasiswa dari berbagai PTKIN bersiap mengikuti penutupan BUAF ke-6 (Foto-Humas Yulida Rifani)
Students from various PTKIN preparing to attend the closing of the 6th BUAF (Photo: :Humas/Yulida Rifani)
Panitia BUAF ke-6 M. Sandi Rosyadi, S.Th.I., M.A. saat mengumumkan para pemakalah terbaik (Foto-Humas-Yulida Rifani)
The 6th BUAF Committee M. Sandi Rosyadi, S.Th.I., MA when announcing the best presenters (Photo:Humas/Yulida Rifani)
Pratiwi Amalia Putri (IAIN Pontianak) raih peringkat 1 sebagai pemakalah terbaik di panel 4 BUAF ke-6 (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
Pratiwi Amalia Putri (IAIN Pontianak) won 1st place as the best presenter in panel 4 of the 6th BUAF (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Safira Mudiatul Atiah & Riski Saputra Winners of Best Group Presentation in Panel 5 of the 6th BUAF (Photo:Humas/Yulida Rifani)
Para panitia BUAF ke-6 dari kalangan mahasiswa yang bekerja keras sukseskan acara (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
The committee of the 6th BUAF from among students who working hard to make the event a success (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Foto bersama para peserta BUAF ke-6 dengan para pimpinan PTKIN se-Kalimantan (Foto-Humas-Yulida Rifani) - Kompres
Group photo of the 6th BUAF participants with PTKIN leaders throughout Kalimantan (Photo:Humas/Yulida Rifani)