UIN Antasari Banjarmasin Will Send 1434 KKN-DR Students (Students’ Community Service-From Home)

“A total of 1434 students who have registered for the selection will take part in the Students’ Community Service-from Home (KKN-DR) odd semester 2020/2021″, said Dr. HM Yahya Mof, M.Pd, when delivering his speech at the KKN-DR selection briefing meeting which was held online through the Zoom application on 27 July /2020.

Yahya illustrated that the selection process would be carried out with the aim of ensuring the students’ readiness to conduct community service, including tests of basic religious and social skills.

Furthermore, Yahya said that the implementation of the KKN in the odd semester of  2020-2021 is unique, as it is different from the previous KKN implementation format. “The KKN-DR will be carried out for 45 days by combining two modes. 60% is done online and 40% is done offline at the certain villages or sub-districts”.