Proving Excellence, Antasari UIN Academic Community Receives Many Awards

The Rector gave awards to international outstanding lecturers Muhammad Iqbal, Ph.D. (Photo: Humas)

BANJARBARU – The celebration of the 58th anniversary of Antasari State Islamic University was full of awards, in appreciation of the outstanding and dedicated academic community throughout 2022.

Among them is Muhammad Iqbal, Ph.D., a young doctor who graduated from the University of Lille France, whose dissertation was published this year by a well-known global company in the form of a book entitled “Arsyad al-Banjari’s Insights on Parallel Reasoning and Dialectic in Law: The Development of Islamic Argumentation Theory in The 18th Century in Southeast Asia”.

Not to mention 20 other students with national achievements, including 6 alumni who were given awards by UIN Antasari leadership, during the 74th Bachelor Graduation Ceremony, as well as the 44th Masters and Doctoral Graduations, at the Multipurpose Building Campus 2, Wednesday (24/11) .

“If we look at the achievements of our students and alumni that we have just witnessed, the superior slogan is not only in words, not only in writing, not only in speeches, it is not also superior in the sense of being good at the cage, but it is proven by all of our friends. become superior at the national and even international level, “said Rector Prof. Dr. H. Mujiburrahman, MA in his speech.

As you know, UIN Antasari has a vision of “Excellence and Morals”, in which various programs have been implemented, so that students have adequate skills, accompanied by qualified character, to be able to provide many benefits to society.

“Apart from that, in accordance with the strategic plan, I would like to say that from 2022 onwards, we will again open new study programs, be it general or religious study programs. Of course we will consider the capacity of the room, the availability of lecturers, and the demands (needs) of the community. We will conduct a survey of what is currently needed to be able to enter the world of work, so that they can be useful in the life of society in the future,” explained the doctoral graduate of Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

On this occasion, 800 participants were also inaugurated, of which 40.25% won the title of Commendation, with a cumulative grade point average of almost 4.

“We, as university leaders as well as representing educators, provide you with sufficient provisions, God willing. This is the time for you to prove to the environment in which you are located, that you are able to work professionally, have integrity, have strong character, and still adhere to Islamic religious values. Farewell, graduates, we are sure that success will be with you,” concluded the Vice Rector for Academic and Institutional Affairs, Dr. Hj. Nida Mufidah, M.Pd. when submitting the Rector’s report.

This activity is also the first full operation of 3 large videotrons on Campus 2, which contains magnificent buildings, to support the quality of lectures, in producing the best graduates.

Para pengurus Darma Wanita Persatuan UIN Antasari bersama 2 Kepala Biro (Foto-Humas)
UIN Antasari UIN’s Darma Wanita Association with 2 Heads of Bureau (Photo: PR)
Para mahasiswa dan mahasiswi berprestasi saat mengikuti upacara wisuda November 2022 (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
Students and students with high achievements attend the November 2022 graduation ceremony (Photo: Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Para wisudawan dan wisudawati dari Fakultas Dakwah dan Ilmu Komunikasi (Foto-Humas)
Graduates and graduates from the Faculty of Da’wah and Communication Studies (Photo: PR)
Para wisudawati bersemangat mengikut acara (Foto-Humas)
Graduates enthusiastic about attending the event (Photo:PR)
Para Wisudawati dari Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Islam (Foto-Humas)
Graduates from the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business (Photo:PR)
Para wisudawati dari Fakultas Ushuluddin dan Humaniora (Foto-Humas)
Graduates from the Ushuluddin and Humanities Faculty (Photo:PR)
Para wisudawati Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Keguruan (Foto-Humas)
Graduates from the Tarbiyah and Teacher Training Faculty (Photo:PR)
Para wisudawati saat memadati Gedung Serbaguna Kampus 2 UIN Antasari (Foto-Humas)
Graduates crowding UIN Antasari Campus 2 Multipurpose Building (Photo: PR)
Serba-serbi ekspresi para wisudawati saat mengikuti acara (Foto-Humas)
Miscellaneous expressions of the graduates attending the event (Photo: PR)
Deputy Rector for Academic and Institutional Affairs Dr. Hj. Nida Mufidah, M.Pd. when submitting the Rector ‘s Report
Wakil Rektor Bidang AUPK Dr. H. Akhmad Sagir, M.Ag., serta WR Bidang Kemahasiswaan dan Kerja Sama Dr. Irfan Noor, M.Hum (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
Deputy Rector for AUPK Dr. H. Akhmad Sagir, M.Ag., and WR for Student Affairs and Cooperation Dr. Irfan Noor, M. Hum. (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Salah satu wisudawati terbaik di FTK UIN Antasari November 2022 (Foto-Humas)
One of the best graduates at FTK UIN Antasari November 2022 (Photo:Humas)
Salah satu wisudawan pascasarjana terbaik saat dipersilakan berdiri (Foto-Humas)
One of the best postgraduate graduates when asked to stand up (Photo:PR)
Rektor UIN Antasari Prof. Dr. H. Mujiburrahman, M.A. saat memindahkan tali topi toga wisudawati terbaik (Foto-Humas)
Rector of UIN Antasari Prof. Dr. H. Mujiburrahman, MA when moving the cap strap of the best graduate’s gown (Photo: Public Relations)
Wisudawan terbaik FDIK saat mendapat penghargaan dari Ketua Senat UIN Antasari Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Hafiz Anshari A.Z., M.A. (Foto-Humas)
FDIK’s best graduate receiving an award from the Head of UIN Antasari Senate Prof. Dr. H. Abdul Hafiz Anshari AZ, MA (Photo: Public Relations)
Wisudawatan Pascasarjana terbaik saat menerima penghargaan (Foto-Humas)
best postgraduate graduate receiving the award (Photo: Public Relations)
Proses wisuda salah satu peserta oleh Direktur Pascasarjana UIN Antasari Prof. Dr. H. Zulfa Jamalie, M.Pd. (Foto-Humas)
Proses wisuda salah satu peserta oleh Direktur Pascasarjana UIN Antasari Prof. Dr. H. Zulfa Jamalie, M.Pd. (Foto-Humas)
Sambutan wisudawati terbaik
Greeting from the best graduate on behalf of Nada Rahmatina (Photo:Humas)
Juara 5 Mahasiswi Teladan UIN Antasari Tahun 2022 atas nama Saidah Ulfah (Foto-Humas)
5th Place as Model Student of UIN Antasari in 2022 on behalf of Saidah Ulfah (Photo:Humas)
Rektor menyerahkan penghargaan kepada ASN senior berdedikasi tinggi yang juga fotografer andal Humas UIN Antasari (Foto-Humas)
Rector handed over the award to a highly dedicated senior civil servant who is also a reliable photographer for Public Relations of UIN Antasari ( Photo: Public Relations)
Mahasiswi berprestasi nasional Izka Izzati saat menerima hadiah dari Pimpinan UIN Antasari (Foto-Humas)
Student with national achievements Izka Izzati receiving a gift from UIN Antasari leadership (Photo: Public Relations)
Alumnus berprestasi Desyana Mustafa saat menerima penghargaan dari Wakil Rektor Dr. Irfan Noor, M.Hum. (Foto-Humas)
Outstanding alumnus Desyana Mustafa receiving an award from Vice Rector Dr. Irfan Noor, M. Hum. (Photo: PR)
Wakil Rektor Dr. H. A. Sagir, M.Ag. saat menyerahkan bantuan kepada M. Pajeri, petugas kebersihan taman dan lingkungan UIN Antasari (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
Deputy Rector Dr. HA Sagir, M.Ag. when handing over the aid to M. Pajeri, the park and environment cleaning officer at UIN Antasari (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Karo AAKK Drs. H. Rijalul Faqih, M.Si. saat memberikan bantuan kepada Irwansyah, Petugas Kebersihan FUH UIN Antasari (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
Karo AAKK Drs. H. Rijalul Faqih, M.Sc. when providing assistance to Irwansyah, Cleaning Officer of FUH UIN Antasari (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Nyonya Hj. Mariani Mujiburrahman saat menyerahkan penghargaan kepada karyawan DPW UIN Antasari terbaik (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
Mrs. Hj. Mariani Mujiburrahman handing over the award to the best Antasari UIN DWP employee (Photo: Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Sambutan Rektor UIN Antasari Prof. Dr. H. Mujiburrahman, M.A. (Foto-Humas)
Speech by Rector of UIN Antasari Prof. Dr. H. Mujiburrahman, MA (Photo: Public Relations)
Kepala UPKK UIN Antasari Dr. Taufik Hidayat, M.Kes, Psikolog bersama Antasari Voice (Foto-Humas-Hadi Rustami)
Head of UPKK UIN Antasari Dr. Taufik Hidayat, M.Kes., Psychologist. with Antasari Voice (Photo:Humas/Hadi Rustami)
Foto bersama para pemandu acara dengan Karo AAKK UIN Antasari (Foto-Humas-Yulida Rifani)
Group photo of the hosts with Karo AAKK UIN Antasari (Photo:Humas/Yulida Rifani)
Foto bersama Kasubbag Humas dan Informasi UIN Antasari Ali Akbar, S.Ag., M.Pd.I. bersama Karo AAKK (Foto-Humas Yulida Rifani)
Photo with Head of Public Relations and Information Subdivision of UIN Antasari Ali Akbar, S.Ag., M.Pd.I . with Karo AAKK (Photo:Humas/Yulida Rifani)
Bersantai sejenak usai seharian membantu pengamanan acara (Foto-Humas-Achmad Magfur)
Relaxing after a day of helping secure the event (Photo:Humas/Achmad Magfur)
Seorang wisudawati berfoto bersama keluarganya usai mengikuti Upacara wisuda (Foto-Humas-Yulida Rifani)
A graduate taking a photo with his family after attending the graduation ceremony (Photo:Humas/Yulida Rifani)
Seorang wisudawati bergembira usai mengikuti wisuda (Foto-Humas-Achmad Magfur)
A graduate looks happy after attending the graduation ( Photo: Humas/Achmad Magfur)