Ministry of Tourism Supported UIN Antasari In Promoting Tourism in South Kalimantan

Banjarmasin – The Ministry of Tourism held a Basic Human Resource Tourism Training at UIN Antasari Banjarmasin on Thursday, February 7, 2019 at the Mastur Jahri Auditorium. The event was attended by Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation Dr. Hj. Nida Mufidah, M.Pd., Deputy Chancellor for Academic and Institutional Affairs Dr. H. Hamdan, M.Pd., Deputy Chancellor for General Administration, Planning and Finance Dr. H. Sukarni, M.Ag., Head of Bureau of AUPKK Drs. H. Saifi, M. PD., Head of the AAKK Bureau Drs. Mukhlis, M.Pd., and the deans of faculties. The Tourism Office of South Kalimantan Province and Acceleration of History, Religion, Tradition and Cultural Arts Team of the Ministry of Tourism were also involved. This training was attended by 275 people from UIN Antasari.

The Chairperson of Pantia Organizers from the Ministry of Tourism, Mahasika Dian Artianingsih, said that this event was a socialization and also training on tourism development in Indonesia. “This is a program from the Ministry of Tourism to improve the quality and insight of human resources in the tourism area. The training target is students who will be equipped with an understanding of tourism, tourism policy, excellent service and tourism charm, “explained Dian.

Responding to this, Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation Dr. Nida positively appreciated it. “Thank you to Ministry of Tourism for specifically providing an increase in tourism insight to students of UIN Antasari. Campus always supports the increasing of student competence, “she said in her opening speech. Dr. Nida also said that the tourism sector is now very important in contributing to Indonesia’s foreign exchange, so human resource development needs to be encouraged. “Tourism can actually be an income for students, for example making knick-knacks or becoming a tour guide for foreign tourists. Coincidentally, UIN Antasari has provided a deepening of foreign language skills from the beginning of entering college,” she explained.

Head of Tourism Human Resources Development Division, Alfin Merancia, also agrees with this. “We need to be proud that tourism is included in the national sector which contributes the country’s foreign exchange in the second position. The President himself has instructed the development of infrastructure to be balanced by the development of human resources,” Alfin said.

The training was filled by several speakers including the Head of the Tourism Office of South Kalimantan Province Drs. H. Dahnial Kifli, M.AP., Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs and Cooperation Dr. Hj. Nida Mufidah, M.Pd., Lecturer of Ministry of Tourism Fransisk Handoko, and the Acceleration Team of Ministry of Tourism Tendi Nuralam. (fdh / PR)