Biology Student Association (HMJ Tadris Biologi) of UIN Antasari Celebrated Earth Day by Distributing Tree Seeds

Earth Day, an annual event, celebrated every April 22, is a moment for environment activists to perform real actions in protecting the earth. In millennial era, many people ignore environmental issues. They somehow do not care and consider them common misfortunes. The earth getting old is a fact but human actions made it worse.

Saturday, April 21, 2018, a day before the Earth Day, Biology Students Association of UIN Antasari Banjarmasin along with its lecturers plants and distribute tree seeds to society around the campus. This is an important act to grow awareness of society to protect the earth and sustain it. The benefits may not be enjoyed right now, but doing this may turn people mindset for the better to finally act to care about the earth. “Through celebrating the Earth Day, we invite the society to realize the importance of caring for the earth. God has created the earth for human to conquer and care, not to exploit it. One thing we need to underline is that when no one care, nothing gets better. Therefore, through this event, we want to protect the earth by planting trees, “ explained Muhammad Fahrujani Ansyar, the chairman of the committee.

225 tree seeds were obtained from Regional Offices of Water Resources Management and Barito Protection Forest. Tree seeds were planted in several location around UIN Antasari territory. Those locations are located around central library, along the roadside to boardinghouse (Ma’had) al-Jamiah and along the roadside to Ulama Special Program (PKU) buildings.  Among the tree seeds planted were Angsana tree seeds, Cempedak tree seeds, Rambutan tree seeds, bitter been (petai) tree seeds, and avocado tree seeds. This activity is a real contribution of UIN Antasari for the nature sustainability. It is expected that such an act can grow society awareness to always protect and take care of the earth. (aql/fdh/pr)