Excellent and ethical university


  1. Organizing excellent education and teaching in various disciplines integrated with nationality, based on local character and wisdom, and with a global perspective;
  2. Developing research in various integrative disciplines that are relevant to the needs of society and have an impact on nature preservation;
  3. Developing service patterns those are relevant to the needs of the community;
  4. Building trust and mutually beneficial cooperation with regional, national, and international institutions; and
  5. Developing governance based on modern management to achieve the satisfaction of academics and stakeholders.


  1. To produce graduates who excel in the mastery of scientific disciplines integrated with nationality, have a noble character, respect local wisdom, have a national and global perspective;
  2. To produce research in various integrative disciplines those are beneficial to society;
  3. To be actively involved in creating an independent, productive, and prosperous society;
  4. To produce an effective and efficient institutional performance to ensure the sustainable growth of the quality of the implementation of the Higher Education Tridharma; and
  5. Providing a qualified higher education for all groups.